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love this app

its so great but yes next update can you add maybe a live photo or gradient live photos

Remember this is a three dollar app

And you immediately are forced to pay another two dollars to remove ads. I’m glad I got this for free today, this ongoing trend with iOS apps makes me not want to ever pay for an app ever again, because even when an app costs up to 9 dollars, they still try to force you into some subscription or in app purchase.

خیلی عالیه

بینظیر و دوست داشتنیه


RIDICULOUS amount of ads, makes it unusable. Uninstalled.

Money grab for simple features.

Forces you to pay $2 simply for having a calendar on your background.

Have to spend $2 to be able to save image w/calendar

Sure its free....for color only. If you like the idea of having a calendar, NOPE! Pay $2 please. Not cool. Say that up front!

good app

good app

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